Our Purpose

The Fountain Hills - Scottsdale Preliminary was founded in January of 2012 by Richard and Edith Kuhlmann, parents of Aaliyah Kuhlmann, the 2011 Queen Creek  Cinderella Tot. Aaliyah went on to claim several awards in the Arizona State and International Cinderella Pageants. Richard and Edith recognized major changes in Aaliyah that could be attributed to her involvement in the Cinderella Program. Changes that had nothing to do with outward appearance or the latest fashion trends.

After the International Pageant, it was discovered that the Queen Creek division was planning to disband leaving numerous girls looking for another division to join. The Kuhlmann's embraced the idea of forming the Fountain Hills - Scottsdale Preliminary with great zeal. Richard and Edith are the proud parents of 6 children so they are no stranger to rolling up their shirt sleeves and getting involved in a variety of youth groups and competitive events. Richard and Edith have operated a successful business in Tempe since 1999 and Fountain Hills since 2012. Their ties to their community are strong and they hope to bring about greater recognition to the program through the support and involvement of other businesses, schools and church.

Their goal is to make the Fountain Hills - Scottsdale Preliminary the largest in the state.

To an insider, it is apparent that the Cinderella Program is about beauty of the inward kind. The focus is on discovery and development of those qualities in an individual that are often overlooked. Allowing a child to see themselves through the eyes of others and watch as they discover their uniqueness, compassion and strength ... gain confidence and spirit, learn to give of themselves generously, share each others joy and help others to be the best they can be is inspiring.

This is the crux of the Cinderella Program. Its Magical ... Inspirational and certainly a positive and motivating way to give our youth the tools they need to turn their Dreams into Reality.
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